Friday, January 06, 2006

Finally a good article on Python

I came across this article on "How Python wins on the Web". Personally I think this article is excellent because it gets people focused on what is great about Python, instead of having them try to build a copy cat framework of Ruby on Rails.

Python has excellent built in networking, and is really quite good at building network servers. I used it to build a distributed clustering system (which one of these days I'll release open source), while I was building the system I really enjoyed how powerful Python is at the network layer. It has one of the most clean and consistent network api's I've worked with ( generally in Python most things are clean and consistent, except the OO layer ).

I really hope the Python community takes this article to heart, and stops wasting their time trying to build a Rails clone, because frankly that is focusing on a specific area that Python isn't that great at in my opinion.


Blogger todd said...

I don't understand the whole fuss over language, use a language when it's the right language for the job. My critria for picking a language are as follows:

Do i know the syntax already and do I need to get my job done today? Ok good select the language that has the built in features that I need to get my work done. For example, do just need a quick and dirty command line filter but maybe bash or sed won't cut it, i need to do some string processing and mapping then i'll probably choose C++ cause I know it well. Am I processing html, then I'll probably try and solve that in the browser with Javascript. Is it something like replace string in x files, then I'll use bash with some sed. Is it reading records in a database or populating a database then I'll use php or more recently ruby and active record. Is it something network related, then I'll python and it's urlopen.

It comes down to
a. the more languages you know the more easily you can solve a problem

K, that's my rant about languages :-) Hope it's not too offtopic.

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