Friday, January 06, 2006

Finally a good article on Python

I came across this article on "How Python wins on the Web". Personally I think this article is excellent because it gets people focused on what is great about Python, instead of having them try to build a copy cat framework of Ruby on Rails.

Python has excellent built in networking, and is really quite good at building network servers. I used it to build a distributed clustering system (which one of these days I'll release open source), while I was building the system I really enjoyed how powerful Python is at the network layer. It has one of the most clean and consistent network api's I've worked with ( generally in Python most things are clean and consistent, except the OO layer ).

I really hope the Python community takes this article to heart, and stops wasting their time trying to build a Rails clone, because frankly that is focusing on a specific area that Python isn't that great at in my opinion.